Help Needed: 2012R2 and 2016 Servers not reporting to console

Hello All, 

I have an issue.   I was on Active Administrator v7.0 for many years.  Then I started adding 2012R2 domain controllers to my 208R2 level domain.   I didn't realize it until I recently added a 2016 server, but I have not been getting changes that take place on any server but the 2008R2 machines.  I was told by tech support that it was probably the version, so I upgraded to V8.3.   Have you guessed?  Yep, same issue.  still not getting notifications. I am getting agent uninstall, install, server down and server up notices though.  I also checked the event logs of the servers and found that the changes are being written to the logs.

Any ideas?


Arman Labrada