Suspended alert HI


Active administrator got mail as below ,

suject: active administrator alert notification suspended

alert count 100

suspended :date and time

reset: date and time.

1. how to find why active administrator alert notification suspended???(as in subject)

2. is it mean any alert is suspended ? if yes , i am not able see any suspended alert in active administrator alert and history



  • To prevent being overwhelmed with notifications, you set up the notification limiter to govern the number of notifications sent within a specified time period. For example, you set the notification limit to 100 notifications within 20 minutes with a 10 minute reset time, which is the default. Once 100 notifications are sent within the 20 minute time period, notifications are suspended for 10 minutes, which is the reset time.

    The Notification Limiter dialog indicates if notifications are being sent or suspended and the countdown for the reset. Once the Current Count reaches the limit, the Reset Duration starts to increment. The Missed Notification indicates the number of notifications that were not sent. Click Refresh to renew the display information.Once the Reset Duration reaches the limit, all counts return to zero. You can manually reset the counter when notifications are suspended by clicking Reset.

    For more details please see the link below 

    Limiting alert notifications