• Multiple Password Reminder emails?

    Can you send different password reminder emails for different groups?  I'd like to send a different email for users who only remote desktop, than one for users who have their own laptop/client device to log into.   The password reset instructions are…

  • Pass Verified Databricks-Certified-Data-Engineer-Associate Exam For Best Preparation

    We are convinced that using our test preparation will help you pass the Data Engineer Associate Databricks-Certified-Data-Engineer-Associate exam and earn certification. In order to get your success guaranteed you must need to competently prepare for…

  • Active Administrator won't install as an update if Active Administrator is installed

    Trying to install the Active Administrator update but the MSI tells me "Another version of this product is already installed".  I only have installed at this time.  Any ideas on how to get installed?

  • Active Administrator Inactive Account Reporting Scheduling

    Dear Community

    Is there a way to send the Inactive Accounts (Security & Delegations|Inactive Accounts) in a report once a month to an email address?

    Kind regards

    Noël Lehmann

  • Different Field in AD for Email Address

    We have a challenge, we need to move the email field(Data) to a different field in AD, how would I reconfigure Quest AA to read that field to send out emails?



  • Add Event Definitions for LAPS Auditing?

    Hi all,

    Does someone know how i can ad LAPS Events to create an Audit Report?

    I want to Audit the follow LAPS Events :

    • Users who have viewed passwords.
    • Users who have modified a password's expiration

    The DC's reported the event as Information (Event…

  • Can someone Explain AA DC Agent Pools Vs Per DC Agent

    (or point me to a resource)

    I have to decide between the two, I manage a Multi Domain Forest With 300+ DCs, I am leaning towards the Pools, but cannot find a resource that explains the operation of these two Solutions, From the top of my head I am thinking…

  • Quest Migration Manager

    Hello Everybody

                              I got a few of  error on installing Migration manager software.



                             First I downloaded this version is trails version. Second I got this error detail information "Migration Manager for Active…

  • AD Report: Is their any way to generate a report for Disable accounts.


    I want to generate a report for my organization through Dell Active Administrator. In which it contain the list of only disable accounts.

    Thank you.

  • Full-text Search indexing is enabled on SQL server but won't stay enabled in the Server Manager settings

    Fresh install of AA.

    Running an AA Audit Report, get the error message "Full-Text Search is disabled for your database. To install Full-Text Search, refer to the documentation for the SQL server Database Engine...".

    When I go to enable Full…

  • Get the latest Active Administrator support update packages

    Active Administrator support updates are available for product versions 8.2 and 8.1. These updates are self-extracting utilities which can be applied to your existing installation with virtually no downtime. They contain the latest fixes for issues reported…

  • Active Administrator 8.1 Update 6 is now available

    [11635] Added ability to install updates using UpdateAAcmd.exe
    [14281] Directory Analyzer Agent memory and health monitoring improvements
    [15354] The Locked Out Accounts tab did not display the selected monitored domain
    [15153] The Group Policy module displayed…

  • Active Admin for AD Health Reports

    Hi there,

    1. How to generate automated daily performance report by Email from Active Admin for AD Health?
    2. How to Customize a report for the specific performance criteria that we need from Active Admin for AD Health?

    3. If the above 1 & 2 are not possible…

  • Active Administrator 8.1, is it possible to move the location of AD backups to a folder on a different disk

    Hi All

    I'm setting up Active Administrator 8.1. I initially went with the default location for the Active Administrator Path but realised that it makes more sense to have this on a separate volume. I can't see any way to change it in the UI and so I ran…

  • Password Reminder E-Mail with Germany special characters "Umlaute" like "Ä Ü Ö / ä ü ö ß"

    Hello everybody,


    It is possible to use Germany special characters "umlaute" in the reminder email. These are displayed incorrectly in the preview.

    Maybe I can directly adjust the HTML code of the e-mail ....


    Here's an example:



  • How to uninstall Active Administrator health license?

    I installed Active Administrator health module test license.

    How to procede to uninstall the testlicense?

  • Active Administrator support update package for 8.1

    Active Administrator support updates are available for product versions 8.1. These updates are self-extracting utilities which can be applied to your existing installation with virtually no downtime. They contain the latest fixes for issues reported by…

  • How can Active Administrator AD Health help your Active Directory Environment? - Watch this Video.

    Are you monitoring your Active Directory health?

    Performance issues with your AD environment can have an impact on your organization with slow performance, which means your users and customers are waiting on applications.

    Are you spending time troubleshooting…

  • Welcome to the New Active Administrator Forum

    You're at the new Active Administrator Community Forum! Got a question or a thought to share with others? Post it here! And if you have a question on the old site that we haven't answered, post it again here. We’re working on bringing threads over…

  • Latest Version - Active Administrator

    The current version of Active Administrator is 8.0

    Support Site: https://support.software.dell.com/active-administrator/8.0

    What's New with version 8.0: http://documents.software.dell.com/active-administrator/8.0/whats-new


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