I am trying to use ApexSQL Refactor from the command line to format SQL files.

I have a set of SQL files which need to be properly formatted. I'm trying to figure out how to use the ApexSQL Refactor from the command line. Eventually I'll embed this into a script. 

The only documentation I've found is the output of the ApexSQLrefactor.exe.   With the command below, a directory with the name of the output file. 

If someone could provide an example or where to find documentation on using the command line options I would appreciate it. 

c:ApexSQLrefactor.exe /input_script:"C:\Shared Docs\pat.sql" /output_script:"C:\Shared Docs\01_patients.sql" /v

ApexSQL Refactor 2018.08.0364, Copyright (C) 2009-2018 ApexSQL LLC. All rights reserved.

The formatted script/s was generated successefully and saved to "Z:\Shared Docs\James R\ReportCode\01_patients.sql"

Thank you.