Data Diff, check/select only the records with relationship to checked records on parent table

Hello all,

I have three tables that have a cascading relationship - as an example, I will say the tables are Book, Chapter, Paragraph, where book has many chapters, chapters have many paragraphs. I want to synchronize a whole "book", which I have been doing by checking the record for the individual book, then getting the value of the key for that record, and filtering for it in the chapters table, and that's where it gets annoying > to check only the paragraphs for that book, I have to create a filter in the paragraphs table that is "Is Any Of" a bunch of chapter keys, which I have to search and check one by one.

Is there any way I can just check a book for syncing, and automatically check/filter all the chapter records that have the book's id as a parent, then same for paragraphs?

Right now it is a very annoying task, especially since the project save does not keep the checked records, which is something I tried.

Thanks everyone!

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