Need help with corrupt database

We had a crypto attack and I have 2 databases that won't come up.  The databases are NOT encrypted but I am getting a 5172 page audit error on the databases.  I have tried a few third party utilities but they only recover a fraction of the data.  

Here is my question:  I have a backup from a few days prior to the attack.  Could I restore the backup, then apply the CURRENT log file using Apex SQL to replay the missing 2 days of transactions?

Either that, or any hint on how to recover from this error would work as well.

  • Hi Thomas, ApexSQL Log might work for you. If you have the full backup and the transaction log without a LSN chain break the tool will recover the database. You can download a trial version of the software, it recover successfully every 10th operation from the transaction log with the trail license but with this you can have a pretty good idea on how it will work in a complete version.