ApexSQL Refactor no longer free as of Nov. 2 release notes?

Is it true that I will now need to buy a $399 Fundamentals toolkit in order to continue using ApexSQL refactor?!

  • Hi Jeff, this is correct. You will be able to keep using the ApexSQL Refactor installed in your system. To get newest updates, a Fundamentals Toolkit license will be required. 

  • Please feel free to pass on the customer dissatisfaction to whichever Pointy Headed Bosses (PHBs) made this decision.

    I have been a huge fan of SQL Prompt from your competitor, Redgate, for years. However, I could only use Redgate's products when an employer was willing to pay for it as I cannot justify the expense for a personal license. Thus I was thrilled when I discovered ApexSQL's Complete and Refactor products. Nearly as good as SQL Prompt and free at that. I even enthusiastically recommended your options to fellow SQL Server DBAs and SQL Server Developers as alternatives to Redgate.

    Since that is no longer the case, now it is back to finding yet another alternative again. If I have to pay for a license, then I will pay for the better product: Redgate's SQL Prompt. I will also no longer recommend ApexSQL.

    The PHBs that made this decision should be canned.