How to just a read a TRN-file


Sorry for the intrusion. We run into a serious issue with a potential incorrect SQL-transaction - so I got the transaction files for some hours, knowing the SQL-statement that could have casued it.

Then trying to read the file I realized that the .TRN-files could only be read by a tool like ApexSQL, so I downloaded a trial to see if it was possible. 

However it looks like it's not possible just to read a detached "TRN"-file unless you connect to some database server?

So is there anyone that knows if it's possible to read the TRN-file without attaching to a database?

Well, the trial doesn't last for long and it's perhaps not even possible to read logs in a trial version?

Again, sorry for the intrusion and asking such a basic, stupid question. But if any one of you should travel back in time to the late 80ths and to a Corona free Sweden I would be happy talking with you about index optimization through global memory buffering on VAX/VMS. However time has changed and here I sit as a complete DB-idiot ;-)



  • Hi Sten,
    If you are using ApexSQL Log for this purpose, yes, you would need to connect to the server for that specific transaction log. Transaction logs contains references to the database objects afected on each transaction and this is stored in the msdb and system database of the SQL Server that hosts the database. 

    For a comprehensive review on the matter I suggest you take a look at the following article.

    Also, ApexSQL Log trial version works on displaying every 10th record of each transaction read from the transaction logs. For a full read and recover from backup files, diff backups and t-logs a full version license is required.