ApexSQL SourceControl: : How to update username and password for system login without unlinking and relinking

Every time my windows credentials change I have to "Remove link to source control" and then "Link database to source control" in SSMS manually for every database I have linked. As you can imagine this is a major pain and immensely time-consuming. Is there not a better way to get my password updated? Why does it not simply realize the password is not good and ask me to re-enter it, saving the new password after it encounters it works?

ApexSQL SourceControl v2021.02.2124

remote repositories are through bitbucket git.

I like using the save password option so I don't have to type credentials every time i commit, but man, if ApexSQL Source Control is going to continue making me go through these hassles we're going to look for another product.

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    This sounds like a great enhancement request opportunity for us!

    I will share this request with the product management team: "Prompt user to re-enter…