ApexSQL Triggers - collation change for nvarchar columns

We have been using ApexSQL Trigger for data/ddl change auditing for quite a while. We now have a requirement to change or SQL dataqbae collation to support UTF8 (Latin1_General_100_CI_AI_SC_UTF8). Most of the columns in the ApexSQL database tables are nvarchar data types and explictely use SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS  collation, which I believe is UTF-16, Is there a way to configure the tool to generate varchar data type columns with Latin1_General_100_CI_AI_SC_UTF8, or better yet, inherit the collation from the database setting? We can clear/remove/lose all existing logs as we will be going thru a major update to the application and can start with a clean slate as far as the logs go.