Basic New Customer questions

I'm trying to evaluate ApexSQL DevOps Toolkit to determine if it's worth the exorbitant price for enterprise licensing, but I'm seeing some red flags:

  1. Is this product legitimate?
  2. Is it even supported? The release notes are from 2019. Everything related to Azure DevOps has changed dramatically since then. Have they even kept up?
  3. I'm finding broken links all over the ApexSQL site. I'm trying to gather information but keep running into dead ends because so many links are broken. Why are there so many broken links on a Web site that sells such an expensive enterprise software?
  4. Why is the Dashboard forcing me to type in my enterprise credentials right into the application? I honestly have not seen any app do this in probably a decade. I'm not going to share my organizational login and password with a vendor. Why is it expecting me to type those into the software? That's not going to happen, for a variety of reasons: my credentials are none of your business, and every few months when my password changes I'll to go back into your app and re-type my credentials. Just no.