Unable to use the free version of ApexSQL in Visual Studio Code on an AMD laptop

Hello fellow developers,


I'm facing a bit of a roadblock in my development process and could use some assistance. I recently installed Visual Studio Code on my AMD laptop, and I'm trying to use the free version of ApexSQL, a popular SQL Server development tool, within the IDE. However, I'm encountering some difficulties and wondered if anyone else has experienced a similar issue or has any suggestions for a resolution.


Here's what's happening: after installing the ApexSQL extension in Visual Studio Code, I attempt to connect to a SQL Server database, but I'm met with an error message stating that the connection could not be established. The error details are not very descriptive, so I'm having trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the problem.


I've done some research online, but I couldn't find any specific information about compatibility issues between ApexSQL and AMD laptops. Most of the troubleshooting guides I came across focus on Intel processors. I've also checked for any updates or patches for the ApexSQL extension, but there doesn't appear to be any recent ones available.


Since I'm using the free version of ApexSQL, I don't have access to their customer support, which makes it challenging to seek assistance directly from the company. I was hoping someone here might have encountered a similar problem or have insights into potential workarounds.


If you have any ideas or suggestions for resolving this issue, please let me know. I'm eager to start using ApexSQL within Visual Studio Code as it would greatly enhance my SQL Server development workflow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for your time and support!


  • Hello! 

    In order to provide better guidance, we will need more information about the specific ApexSQL Add in that you are trying to use. ApexSQL is a suite of different products that helps you manage your SQL Server and provide help in coding for SQL Server instances. 

    If there is an ApexSQL product installed and integrated with your MS Visual Studio, you should see an ApexSQL Menu on top of the VS window, here, please go to the product's name then Resources and then Send Logs, this will generate a log from the application that can provide more details about what could be happening in your system. 

    At this moment, ApexSQL under Quest Software does not offer any freeware as we strive to provide the best quality of our products for our customers.

    In addition, ApexSQL is developed for integration with either SSMS, VS or the SQL Server instance directly, there is no differences for systems that runs on AMD processors or Intel processors. 

    Hope this helps.