Implementing ApexSQL for data transfer?

Despite conducting an extensive search, I have yet to come across any information pertinent to my ongoing project. If I inadvertently overlooked relevant material, kindly share the URL for my reference, which would be greatly appreciated.

Our current operational setup involves several units in the field, each equipped with diverse applications for transmitting field data to a central database. Developed at different intervals and for various purposes, these applications are presently only sending specific data. However, there is a pressing need to transmit all data. Considering the use of ApexSQL, a product already at our disposal, I aim to explore the potential of its data diff function in transferring each infield server's new row entries to the central database.

I am keen to seek insights from individuals who have previously explored this possibility koows or koows successfully implemented a similar approach. Furthermore, I anticipate addressing the challenge of ensuring PCI compliance in the course of this project.

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