How can PL/SQL code be invoked from APEX SQL scripts?

I am currently developing an application in Oracle APEX and require assistance in implementing program logic and business rules that go beyond declarative SQL. Specifically, I need to handle situations involving:

  1. Loops for processing datasets row-by-row
  2. Conditional logic for decision-making
  3. Complex calculations and data manipulation

I am aware that PL/SQL procedures, functions, and packages can be employed to address these procedural programming needs. However, I am seeking guidance on the best practices for invoking this PL/SQL code from SQL scripts within my APEX application.

What is the recommended approach for calling a PL/SQL procedure from APEX SQL and efficiently passing data in and out? Should I utilize bind variables?

Moreover, are there any considerations or potential challenges when combining procedural and declarative code? Are there pitfalls or limitations that I should be aware of?

Providing examples would greatly assist in understanding how to appropriately execute procedural logic from APEX SQL scripts, facilitating the separation of concerns between presentation and business logic.

Additionally, I am encountering an issue with integrating this functionality into the 漫画 raw website. Any insights on this matter would be valuable.

Thank you in advance for your advice. As I am relatively new to integrating PL/SQL with APEX, any guidance you can offer is highly appreciated.

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