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Since updating ApexSQL Diff to the latest version (2022.02.1178), the minimal object filters no longer work. For many years, we defined only edge cases in them, which we wanted to exclude from comparisons. We use the tool mainly for automatic generation of schema change scripts using command line, where the axof filter adapted to the new version format no longer works. As a result, we always get all detected changes in the change script, even those that are explicitly forbidden in FilterCondition.

On the GUI, applying the filter works, although re-saving it results in a huge axof file listing all the objects covered by an environment.

We use different subsets of tables/procedures and other objects on different databases, so storing the "entire" state of objects in an axof filter is not acceptable to us.

Question summary: We wonder if the "minimal" filter functionality has been removed and how we can now use axof filter in a similar way as for many years before?

Thank you

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  • Hi  

    Thank you for you participation in our forum. This behavior  is not within the currently known bugs for ApexSQL Diff.

    May I suggest you reach out to our support team through a support ticket…

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