• ApexSQL Conundrum: Seeking Expert Guidance

    Greetings ApexSQL Wizards,

    I hope this message finds you in the midst of victorious SQL conquests. I find myself entangled in a particularly intricate scenario involving ApexSQL, and I'm reaching out to the community's collective brilliance for guidance…

  • How to call PL/SQL code from APEX SQL scripts?

    I'm building an application in Oracle APEX and need some help implementing program logic and business rules that require more complexity than just declarative SQL.

    Specifically, I have situations where I need to implement things like:

    • Loops to process…
  • How to execute procedure in APEX SQL script?

    I am trying to understand how to use multiple procedures in APEX SQL script. First I don't really need stored procedure, but not sure how to declare simple procedure in APEX SQL script. So this is my attempt:

    create or replace procedure test1 as
  • Run scripts on multiple SQL Server Express instances

     I am asking for a solution to execute custom SQL scripts on multiple SQL Server joins Express instances on schedule.

    Solutions that I have seen like Apex SQL Propagate and Redgate SQL Multi Script do not have a scheduler and I have more than 170 instances…