Under Review
over 2 years ago

When ApexSQL Complete refreshes its cache, it should not hold open a connection to the database.

From what I can tell, if a connection isn't already established, it clearly creates one to refresh anyhow. It may be possible to retrieve the necessary information via a connection to master. It at least ought to be possible to disconnect or change database context afterward.

The reason this causes a problem for me is that my employer uses a log shipping secondary for reporting, and when I have occasion to design ad-hoc queries against it, ApexSQL Complete establishes a connection to load its cache for autocompletions and then leaves it connected...so it I haven't closed out SSMS (or at least the tab, I think) by the time the server wants to restore logs, then the logs don't restore.

My backup plan, since I'd rather not rely on always remembering to close out what I was doing, is to see if we can set up the log restore jobs to force logout of any connections by the application "ApexSQL Complete," but it really doesn't seem like that ought to be necessary.