Exchange Utility Reconstruct Speed

Im reconstructing a mailbox, and it seems to be running slow.

Im currently getting the below status

2.54 Per min, 0.04 Per sec and processing time is 20:41:56

I checked the log (ExchangeUtility.wlog) and it is processing but i did notice this at the start

2018-02-19 12:20:07,134 [246] INFO Native - MAPI provider is ExchangeMAPI 6.5.8244.0
2018-02-19 12:20:07,134 [246] INFO Native - Exchange MAPI version should be at least 6.5.8320.0; actual version is 6.5.8244.0; attempting to continue

Is there anything else to check that would affect speed?

or is this normal?


  • Hello itadmin_43337,

    That's normal since the recommended MAPI CDO version is at least 6.5.8320.0 and you have 6.5.8244.0 installed and it's detecting the version that you have installed. It sounds like it's still working, it's just a bit slow at 2.54 items per minute.

    The MAPI version shouldn't really affect speed but you're welcome to run the latest version of MAPI on the Archive Manager server (

    Keep in mind here to upgrade MAPI you would want to stop the services, then uninstall MAPI, reinstall, reboot and start the services. Essentially breaking your ESM connection to your Exchange Server while you upgrade MAPI.

    As mentioned above it shouldn't really affect speed, there could possibly be several other environment variables at play here.

    E.g. Exchange Server, network, perhaps even the Archive Manager server.

    Is the Archive Manager SQL database on it's own machine?
    What version of Archive Manager are you running?
    Since you opened this Thread have you noticed any improvements?

    Thank you,