Some gaps in our archive

The history of the use of Archive Manager in my workplace is quite spotty. We initially purchased and installed it MANY years ago. Because I work in local government, making management decisions can be difficult and time consuming (.....I'm trying to diplomatically say that things take forever in the Public Service!!). Anyway, while we had Archive Manager installed, we never actually 'used' it because no official management decisions had been made about how it was going to be used, who would have access etc etc. Fast forward about 3-4 years. Management decided that they would actually implement Archive Manager, unfortunately, by this time our installed version was so old it was out of support, so we upgraded to the latest version (at the time) at great expense (where I work they always call in external consultants for software installations, network changes etc.). But once again, management inertia resulted in no 'official' implementation of Archive Manager in our workplace.

During this time, we did have journalling set up, and the intention was that even though we weren't officially going to use Archive Manager, we did still want it to grab a copy of every message in and out of the organisation. Anyway, at this point Archive Manager was pretty much forgotten about for a few more years. One day I happened to be looking at the Archive Manager server and I noticed it had run out of disk space. I gave it more, and assumed that it was still working, capturing all emails, as the extra disk space was being gradually consumed. Once again, Archive Manager was pretty much forgotten about.

Until now.....when management have reason to find some old emails. Once again the server had run out of disk space, so I added more. Once again that disk space started disappearing so it seemed that Archive Manager was still getting copies of all emails.

One of the problems we now faced was that noone here really knows how to drive Archive Manager. I have some very basic knowledge, but not really enough to be useful. Seeing as how we had never officially implemented Archive Manager, noone was ever given any training on how to work it. I did manage to nut out how to give a user access to a mailbox that needs to be searched, but after looking at a couple of mailboxes in Archive Manager it seems that there are significant gaps in some of these mailboxes.

One of the things I remember being told was that once journalling had been turned on, Archive Manager would sit in the background, quietly grabbing a copy of EVERY message in and out of the business. I have also been told that when things happen like the Archive Manager server running out of disk space, email to be archived will just accumulate on the Exchange server until Archive Manager comes online again.

So my question is - is there any way to trigger Archive Manager to somehow rescan the Exchange database to make sure it has a copy of every message in Exchange.