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ArchiveManager 5.4 data loader can't keep up

Is there any way to speed up processing of email?  Things worked great with the old MAPI connector.  Now that Microsoft no longer supports it, Quest Support had me install the full version of Outlook on and its using real Outlook engine I guess to scrape the emails.

Well its just too slow.  I have 252950 emails and counting.  Actually its this high because our CIO went looking for an email and said he couldn't find anything after May 26th.  So I go in and see that crazy high number.  I restarted the ArchiveManager Data Load service, which was running but doing nothing for weeks apparently, and mail was still climbing.  So I looked in the log for this data loader #3 and it was getting a MAPI error 8004010F.  So in Exchange 2013 I changed the archiving to go to another mailbox that the Archive Manager service has permissions on.  Once I did that, in Outlook on the Archive manager server, I saw emails start climbing in the second mailbox, and once it go up to 89 I knew it wasn't working right, but now the original main mailbox started depleting emails about 1 per second and checking the logs indicated that it began working.

The second account is now getting MAPI error 8004010F, so in Exchange I changed the archive mailbox back to the original account.  Now its still depleting emails (only from the original account), but you can tell when there is a burst of new mail, the mail count goes UP instead of down.  I also think 1 message per second is a bit long, so its going to take a long time to catch up at the same time as new mails are coming in.  This doesn't make sense because Exchange and Archive Manager are all on SSD drives with high performance and low latency.  They are also on a 10 gig network. I don't see where the bottleneck is because flash storage array performance metrics look ok, and network port utilization looks ok as well (nothing is maxed out - in fact we don't come close to flooring the 10 gig ports).

So how can we speed it up?

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