Archive Manager Configuration Guidance

Is there a reference document or KB article that explains all past and present configuration settings?

We have been running the product since version 3.6 I think, now running 5.3.

We seem to have a number of entries in the configuration that do seem to no longer be valid/required.

While I think some of these may have been mentioned in release notes for new versions it would be quite an onerous task to go through all of them to see which entries are still doing something.

Some which we have in our configuration would seem to be no longer needed based on the name of the setting

  • OBSOLETE - Full Text Index Attachment Batch Size
  • OBSOLETE - Full Text Index Max Message Workers
  • Full Text Index Merge Factor pre-4.6
  • Full Text Index Min Merge Docs pre-4.6

However there are others which do not seem to apply

  • Full Text Index Location
    • This does not seem to relate to our indexes, as they have been moved and new index folders are created in a different path

We would like to remove any entries that no longer apply, but obviously do not want to remove any settings that are either required or ones that are helping tune the performance of the system.

Thanks in advance ...