New to setting up Archive Manager Policies and I have some questions

We are setting up Archive Manager policies for the first time. These are the policies we would like

1) The policy should Export email into Archive Manager immediately for ALL mailboxes.

2) A message policy to delete email from Exchange after 1 year. This should include any folders in the mailbox other than deleted and sent. This should include any folders a user created outside the inbox. Almost all users will get this policy with exception of  a few certain users.

3) A message policy to delete Sent Items after 180 days from both Exchange and Archive Manager except for a few certain users.

4) A Policy to delete messages from Archive Manager after 2 years for most users. A few users will be an exception and will keep email in both Exchange and Archive Manger forever (Our legal and contracts dept.).

I set the default Message policy to Export everything. I applied this policy to both our Exchange server and O365 (we are hybrid). This worked and everybody's email with the exception of our F3 licensed users Exported into Archive Manager correctly. (The F3 thing may be another question for a different thread on how to best take care of those users)

I then tested #2. I set a Message Policy to delete after 365 Days. I then noticed that it worked with the exception if a user had any folders outside their Inbox, it did not apply to those folders. I read in a post here that an inbox policy would not work and it had to be a default policy to catch these folders outside the inbox.

How can I accomplish 1 and 2 at the same time and also catch any of these folders outside the inbox?

Also what way is the best way to have most users receive any messaging policies and Retention Policies I set with the exception of a small number of users? If possible I would like everyone to get the policy automatically unless they are in a group or something.

Also what is the best way to take care of #3 and #4 again taking into consideration I want to apply it to almost all users, with the exception to a small number of users who will keep email in both Exchange and Archive manger indefinitely?