Quest Archive Manager (QAM) v5.8 - Exchange mailboxes migrated to Office 365

I have customer scenario as follows.

1. Customer migrated their on-premise Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 in the Hybrid environment few years back.

2. Recently, the Archive Manager upgrade from v5.3 to v5.8.

3. The new system is working good, since the migration/upgrade last week.

4. However there are some archive mailboxes become Active "False" status and these QAM Users unable to login to their Archive mailbox.

 - Even if Enabled "Active" status, its become Active "False" status after a day.

 - This is not the case, when they were using QAM v5.3. 

 - Since the QAM v58 support Office 365, post upgrade QAM v58 scanning on-premise AD User detects there is NO On-premise mailbox attached, as their mailboxes are now active in Office 365.

To resolve the issue, we are planning to install "Azure AD Connector" in QAM v5

As per my understanding,

a. Enabling "Azure AD Connector" with QAM, will CREATES NEW Archive mailbox in QAM for EACH OFFICE 365 mailbox user.

b. All the new emails archived by QAM from O365 Journal mailboxes, are expected to appear under new Archive mailbox for Office 365 created in QAM

c. Need to manually configure using "Mailbox Assignment", every Office 365 mailbox user assigned their Legacy Archive mailbox in QAM, so that they can see both archives with their login.



  1. Is my above understanding correct as per QAM v58 product behavior?
  2. Is there anyway to automate the above "Mailbox Assignment", in a large QAM User environment?
  3. QAM v58 archiving email from Journal mailbox since its upgrade 10 days ago. On which Archive mailbox those archived (post-upgrade period) emails would appear?