Can the Mapi Journal Data Loader be changed to process oldest emails first?

The data loaders process the newest mail in the journal mailboxes first. Can a setting be made to have them process the oldest data first?

The problem is sometimes the rate of incoming mail exceeds what the journal can handle and older emails are not processing because the journal focuses on dealing with the newest email first.

  • Does the Journal mailbox ever get cleared? It sounds like you need to use more then one Journal mailbox and Journal data loader to scale the load out. The mailbox(s) should be empty during non production hours and only current messaging during production hours. 

  • Hi Jeff, we have 8 separate instances of Archive Manager running each with 8 Journals (64 Journal mailboxes total) for 180K+ staff. Expanding out has been done and the decision was made to move away from Quest as its not viable at this scale. That takes time, in the interim while we now cant expand the server fleet, I'm looking to see if it is possible to change the way the emails are ingested so oldest are targeted first.