Archive Manager Data Loader (Journal) Database Fault - MAPI Error 00040680

Just wanted to get a solution up onto the forums in case anyone encounters this issue;


  • Journal Database content index failed 
  • Journal Database size on disk FULL


  • Attempt to dismount database
    • Restart if unable to dismount (after expanding disk)
  • Expand disk size 
  • Stop Microsoft Search and Exchange Search Index services
  • Remove content index folder from database mount point/location
  • Start both search services again
  • Content index will begin recrawl
  • Log into Archive Manager
    • Go to Data Loaders
    • Go into Data Loader related to faulty journal
    • Untick 'Active'
    • Click Update
  • Wait for recrawl of content index to complete
  • Activate the Data Loader as above

If the database of the previously problematic journal DB continues to grow (without decreasing) then;

  • Dismount database
  • Make 'inactive' Data Loader related to journal in QAM
  • Mount Database
  • Make 'active' Data Loader related to journal in QAM