Regarding |SR Number:4847939| - No such host is known

We made a scenario like this and tested it our Lab, but when we create a sync profile, the Target Server does not come up in search. Could you Please help us to rectify the issue?


The target and Source are subnet separately. Quest server is on the subnet of the Source server. We have opened the required ports from Quest to Target. I have opened the ticket with quest, no proper response. I am new in this software. I checked it and made sure it was not a port related issue. For that, we opened all the services and traffic from Quest server to Target. But the same issue. i am waiting for almost one day for response from Quest support. still no response. I got some initial response from them, that's it.

From the Quest server to Target server is pinging all traffic is open. But unfortunately i could get the target server not coming up in searching when we create sync profile. error msg: No such host is known

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