MCAfee Endpoint Security is blocking the machine cutover migration.

    1. When reviewing the event logs at the machine side is possible to see the C:\Program Files(x86)\Binary Tree\ADPro Agent\ReACL.exe is being blocked by the antivirus.
    2. I have researched support articles or documentation regarding antivirus exclusions at Quest Agent level, but it has not been possible to find it, and I only found the below:
  1. BTPassSvc.exe: If you are planning on Syncing Passwords in an environment where Symantec Antivirus or similar products exist then you will need to add BTPass executable to exclusion list. 

Question: Is there any guide with recommendations of a list of processes to be excluded from the antivirus at the Quest Agent side?

In the meantime, I have asked the customer to exclude the folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Binary Tree\ADPro Agent