Additonal DirSync Pro Console and New Database - will not Sync Passwords

Hi All,

In DirSync Pro - Anyone aware of Password Sync requirements on the DirSync console itself? Or any other explanation why this could be happening?

I feel like this has to be something super simple I missed on this new Console?!?

  • I created a secondary Dirsync Pro console with it's own database to perform a reverse Password sync (Target to Source) for Passwords ONLY
  • It's Update only and all Attributes are skipped BUT samAccountName and UserPrincipal are scanned and stored in the DB but I removed the Target Attribute in the Mapping
  • After Syncing, a single test account does Update database and matches (AD Objects: AdminDisplayName has the guid and AdminDescription says Updated by DirSync)
  • BUT the password setting Errors and says cannot find the Log file
  • If I manually run the BTPasUtil Password DUMP on the DC and then copy the files over to the DC and then manually run the btpaexec command in the error below it WORKS (that log file doesn’t have to exist, it will get created)


  • On my original DirSync Console where I have all other working Profiles (Sources to Target), I setup a Target to Source Password only profile (importing an export from the other console) and it all works fine

Error setting passwords for 1 users - will retry on next sync.
Executing SetPasswords.bat on btpaexec \\server -u DOM\svc-dsp -accepteula -s C:\WINDOWS\BTPass\SetPasswords.bat C:\WINDOWS\BTPass\BT76e82d16-614.txt C:\WINDOWS\BTPass\BT76e82d16-614.log
Cannot find log file '\\server\admin$\BTPass\BT76e82d16-614.log'
ERROR: password was NOT set for user 'qsvcUSER'