M365 tenant to tenant migration SAME domain

Hi all.

I have to migrate the same domain (let's call it contoso.com) from a M365 tenant to a new M365 tenant.

i.e: source domain contoso.com - destination domain contoso.com

I need a cohesistence betwaeen the 2 tenants because I have to migrate: users account, users mailboxe, Teams, SharePoint and computer account.

What product (if any) can I use?

Can Binary Tree Power365 Integration Pro be the solution?



  • Hello  ,

    Thanks for posting to the Binary Tree Power365 forum. Currently, an SMTP DNS domain cannot exist in two M365 tenants at the same time. However, both Binary Tree Power365 and Quest On Demand Migration (ODM) have address rewriting solutions to allow users to send and receive email using an SMTP domain that exists in the opposite tenant of the mailbox they are connected to. 

    Binary Tree Power365 does migrate user accounts, mailboxes, Teams and computer accounts. However, it does not migrate standalone SharePoint sites that are not connected to an M365 Group or Team.

    Quest On Demand Migration (ODM) can migrate all of the above, as well as standalone SharePoint sites.

    Each migration is unique and we likely won't be able to address all of the potential project requirements in the forum. We would suggest reaching out to your Quest Account Manager here to discuss the details and needs of your individual migration project.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • Thanks a lot for your answer.

    I have activate the trial of ODM and I'll try some test to check if I can use your product for our customer

    Best wishes.


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