Are you ready for an evolution?

Conquering the hybrid cloud just became a lot easier!

By now you’re probably familiar with our Foglight product line. It’s only been around for, oh, about 15 years.

Today, we’re bringing you the latest generation of one of our flagship products. We call it: Foglight Evolve. It’s an evolutionary solution that helps you simplify the complexity of your data center, reduce infrastructure costs, maximize system performance, and predict future costs with more accuracy.

In previous incarnations of Foglight, we’ve had awesome monitoring functionality for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Log files
  • Websites
  • Service levels

Then we moved to:

  • Virtualization
  • VDI
  • Storage

Today, Foglight Evolve continues to support all the previous functionality, but now includes:

  • Cloud migration and management
  • Container management
  • Cost prediction
  • Automation
  • Predictions and learning

 Unlike previous versions of Foglight, which, frankly, were complicated to license, we’re now offering only three unique licensing options:

  • Monitor
  • Operate
  • Cloud

After much listening to partners and customers like you, we’ve realized this is what you want and how you use the product. So why not make it easier for you?!

Here are some key features included in this new version of Foglight:

  • Licensing changes
    • Foglight for Virtualization licensing
    • Foglight Evolve licensing
    • MSP subscription licensing
    • Host-based licensing - physical or virtual
  • Costs
    • VMware VM summary, VMware VM Explorer, on-premises admin
  • Cloud Migration
    • Model VM migration based on usage and cost
  • Cloud Management
    • Cost overview, VM resizing, AWS costs
  • Container 2.0
    • Optimizer, event analytics, capacity management, host resource entitlement

This list of updates is only the beginning. If you want to learn more, visit, or contact your sales rep today.

In the mean time, check out our video on the evolution of Foglight.

Photo credit: Unsplash / Twixes

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