Astronomical data growth — how to back it up more gracefully

Are you still backing up your data using a hardware solution? That used to be your only option, complete with all the hassles and upgrade cycles that that entails. But in today's world of astronomical data growth, ever-increasing demand from the business and stricter security regulations, that's just not an effective solution anymore.

Today, software-defined secondary storage is helping IT teams streamline their to-do list and turning enterprise backup and recovery on its head. For one, it gives you the flexibility to put your storage solution wherever you need it rather than be tied to a physical piece of equipment or a specific vendor.

Software-defined secondary storage also gives you the ability to more easily meet regulation requirements by allowing you to keep more data for longer in the exact location you want to. Plus: It saves you money over the long term because you don’t have to continually replace your hardware components.

For example, you can install Quest QoreStor on any type of hardware, as well as on a virtual machine or in the cloud. QoreStor speeds backup performance, reduces storage requirements and costs, and replicates faster and safer to the cloud for data archiving and disaster recovery.

In this video, John Oates, associate editor of Computer Business Review, interviews Adrian Moir with Quest Software about what the shift to software-defined backup solutions means for business. Check it out.

To learn more about data deduplication and how it can help you address your biggest storage challenges.

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