In today's business, demand for a complete Disaster Recovery solution is becoming the norm.  The days of backup discussions are gone, DR is the focus and backup is the bridge to bigger conversations in today's modern world.  

Proper DR planning includes a multitude of layers which need to be considered based on geographic location, redundancy and governing regulations to name a few.  Questions and concerns revolve around Server and Site outages, Hot, Warm and Cold recovery options, as well as being able to recover in Virtual or Physical environments.

The cost of the solution is commonly dictated by the aggressiveness of the RPO/RTO. short RPO/RTO, higher cost, longer RPO/RTO, lower cost. If we take the  RPO/RTO and combine them,  is what we call the "risk to your business".   

Rapid Recovery is leaps and bounds above the competition. It provides local and offsite recovery options, with its unified backup and replication. Provides  5 minutes snaps and with its Live Recovery, provides a near zero recovery.  It has the ability to recover cross-platform and drive down the cost and tackle the RPO/RTO beast. 

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