Quest NetVault Plus Provides Scalable Data Protection

As a member of a data protection, disaster recovery or storage management team in an enterprise IT organization, you already know how exponential data growth makes your job more difficult.

Even with data deduplication solutions to help reduce storage requirements and costs, it seems like you’re constantly running out of space. The typical response is to simply add another storage array, but this approach has associated risk and complications — and it also increases your IT costs.

So, what’s the problem? Constantly defining and adjusting your backup policies and selecting which devices to use for each backup job is cumbersome at best. Running combinations of full, incremental and differential backups across many enterprise servers, applications and databases means your data most likely exists on different physical devices. When you add data deduplication technologies to the mix, it becomes even more important to effectively manage your storage.

As you build out a massively large backup repository, you also increase risk. For example, what do you do when, in a worst-case scenario, one of your storage devices fails and now some of your backup data may be lost or your backups are non-recoverable?

The Solution

The solution is to leverage data protection technologies that allow you to scale out your storage while making it easier to define and deploy your backup and recovery policies. Whether you want to add more storage locations or grow capacity locally, the right solution can simplify data protection and accelerate your backup performance — making your job easier.

Enter Quest® NetVault® Plus. NetVault Plus includes both NetVault and QoreStor® data protection software products.

Quest NetVault

NetVault is cloud-ready data recovery software for hybrid enterprise data centers. It supports multiple server and application platforms in physical, virtual and cloud environments, granting organizations continuous and secure access to critical systems, applications and data. NetVault provides a single solution for data protection across all of your organization’s resources in the data center, remote offices and in the cloud, such as Microsoft/Office 365.

Quest QoreStor

If you’re unfamiliar with QoreStor, here’s a quick overview. QoreStor is a software-defined secondary storage platform designed to complement virtually any backup solution. It compresses and deduplicates data in order to significantly reduce storage requirements and costs. QoreStor improves data protection, regardless of the backup software, storage, virtualization and cloud you use. With QoreStor, you can:

  • Overcome backup window constraints through protocol accelerators
  • Reduce storage requirements and associated costs through built-in, high-performance source-side and inline variable block data deduplication
  • Better leverage the cloud for disaster recovery and long-term retention while reducing cloud costs
  • Experience replication with LAN-like speeds over inconsistent WAN connections to overcome periodic network interruptions

Overall, QoreStor offers on-premises and cloud storage savings up to 95 percent.

Quest NetVault Plus

Bundle both products together and you get NetVault Plus: Enterprise data protection, backup acceleration, data deduplication and replication. NetVault Plus stands out from other data protection solutions in that, as you add more backup repository storage, it treats multiple QoreStor storage targets as a single logical unit. This feature allows users to scale their backup repository both vertically and horizontally in a way that’s easy and affordable.

NetVault Plus has the ability to spread its user’s data storage load across as many QoreStor servers as necessary. This process:

  • Keeps storage efficiency and performance high
  • Reduces the risk of segregated data chains
  • Makes management tasks simpler by acting as a single device

Using NetVault Plus, you begin with one QoreStor instance and expand to additional QoreStor instances as needed when storage space begins to run low. NetVault Plus allows you to scale out your backup data to over 10 petabytes or storage and more than 200 terabytes of data per hour ingest speed across a vast number of protected devices.

Additional Benefits

The storage space savings provided by NetVault Plus may be the solution’s primary feature, but it is far from the only benefit.

Financial Savings

Another benefit of NetVault Plus that will make your entire organization happy is the associated cost savings, which are significant. Particularly, you’ll notice savings on hardware because there’s no lock-in that says that you have to purchase your hardware from a specific vendor. You’ll be able to build a highly scalable system using commodity hardware.

Mitigated Risks

Equally important, if not more so, are the risk mitigations offered by NetVault Plus. By scaling out your organization’s deduplicated backup storage with NetVault Plus, you’re reducing the likelihood of losing your backup data if your hardware should fail. So, even if one of your connected storage devices is brought down, NetVault Plus will make sure the problem is contained instead of spreading to a number of backups across your infrastructure.

Less Network Traffic

NetVault Plus’ built in source-side deduplication allows data to flow directly from the source to your storage, so there’s no need for media servers. As a result, most customers only have an average of approximately 10% of their organization’s data traversing through their network, which means that there are fewer congestion points.

Want to learn more about how all of this works? Read this short tech brief that explains how you can build an immensely scalable, multi-petabyte backup repository using NetVault Plus. Then you can look up more resources and/or try it out for yourself at no cost by visiting the NetVault Plus website.

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