Yes Folks, NetVault Backup is back, and it is better than ever. With NetVault Backup 12.0 finally hitting the proverbial shelves, you can be sure you are getting a state-of-the-art Enterprise Backup Software on a platform that is far more scalable than ever before.

One of the best features in this release is that our VMware scalability has stepped its game up. If you have a VMware environment, you can now deploy the VMware Plugin on multiple virtual machine clients, and those clients will act as a proxy so that the backup job can scale several proxy VMs to load balance the backup job. A built-in heuristics feature in the plugin will assign jobs to the various proxies to leverage the balance and make the backup more efficient.

Another new feature is Application-Aware Storage Array Snapshots. You can call is AASAS but people might find it offensive so you might keep that one to yourself. This is a first for NetVault, and while we are just breaking into this space and as it currently only supports Compellent, we will be expanding our portfolio on this in the near future, but this is just a glimpse of what NetVault is going to be able to do.

You asked for SSO, well we delivered. You can now configure NetVault 12 with your AD credentials and use role-based access controls across your domains. You now have the flexibility to add users and assign roles in a single or bulk operation without having to setup countless restrictive user accounts within Netvault access control.

Last thing to boast is our new Catalog Search, also another thing you asked for. Well, there ya go. Now, you can use this feature to search hundreds of backup indexes for specific items such as filenames, dates, times, etc. The Catalog Service will allow super-fast item search and have you on the road to recovery in a flash. 

You asked, and we delivered, and there is MUCH more to come. We wanted to show our customers that WE LISTEN, WE HEAR YOU, We pick up what you are puttin' down, and we are going to be delivering the Enterprise-Level Backup Application that you have come to expect from the Quest Brand. Don't wait, don't hesitate, come and check out the new (click this ->) NetVault Backup 12 and see how this product is going to change the game. 

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