Protect Data Stored on Premises and in Azure — with NetVault

The way we do business has certainly changed over the past 10 or 20 years. We can work from anywhere and access applications and data housed in the cloud. Many organizations also still maintain physical servers for managing some aspects of their business. And we’re generating more data than ever before — much of it business-critical — and it’s often stored in both on-premises and cloud-based locations.

Given these complexities, your business depends on your ability to protect your most important applications and data, no matter where they reside — in the data center or cloud — and restore them reliably and quickly in the event of an unexpected outage or loss.

More and more, IT professionals are taking advantage of the economic benefits offered by flexible, low-cost cloud storage and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This is particularly the case with backup, archive and disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions, which can offer improved performance for storage workloads at much lower costs.

Even though most organizations are beginning to think about using cloud-based technologies as part of their data protection strategy, many enterprises still rely on data protection software that is functionally outdated.

Perhaps it’s overwhelming to get a handle on how to level up to a more comprehensive backup and recovery strategy that takes into consideration the hybrid data center. But once you see it mapped out, it’s actually pretty straightforward. Take a look at this tech brief to see how NetVault® Backup deployed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud provides advanced, cloud-ready data protection that is simple to use and scales easily to accommodate each aspect of your hybrid data center.

  • Back up and restore on-premises data
  • Back up on-premises data and restore to the cloud
  • Back up and restore data to the cloud

The other great thing about NetVault is that it can back up and restore all your Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox data. Yes, Microsoft hosts the infrastructure to support your email systems, but they don’t provide long-term data protection or disaster recovery. That’s up to you, and NetVault can help.

Having the flexibility to deploy NetVault in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment and protect today’s cloud-based applications, like Office 365, gives you more time to focus the strategic side of your business.

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