The Case for Software-Defined Secondary Storage

Trying to decide on the best technologies to boost your backup and recovery strategy but reluctant to invest in yet another expensive system? Secondary storage systems are flooding the market these days since most can store 10 or 20 times the capacity of primary storage systems. The bad news for IT departments is that most of the solutions are turnkey hardware and software appliances. These appliances are designed to either work in parallel with your existing backup systems or as a total replacement of them.

In a recent paper, leading storage analyst first Storage Switzerland made the case for software-defined secondary storage — more specifically for Quest QoreStor, which enables you to leverage your existing hardware resources.

According to analyst George Crump, “With the replication capabilities, the software solution overcomes the reliability concerns of using older hardware, but because it is software leveraging older hardware, it is significantly less costly to deploy.”

With QoreStor, you can break totally free from backup appliances. Protocol accelerators enable you to accelerate backup performance, and content-aware, variable-block deduplication helps reduce storage requirements overall. You can also replicate faster and safer to the cloud for data archiving and disaster recovery.

QoreStor enables you to lower your data protection costs by leveraging virtually any storage hardware, backup software, virtualization platform or cloud provider.

What else did Storage Swiss have to say about QoreStor? Read the full report to find out.

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