Got questions about cloud-based replication? Copying your backups to a secondary location is critical for a sound disaster recovery plan, and cloud replication takes this process to a new level, making use of both cloud services and cloud storage. Maybe you’re thinking that sounds complicated, expensive and time-consuming, but it actually doesn’t have to be.

Quest QoreStor is a software-defined secondary storage platform that accelerates backups, reduces storage requirements and costs, and replicates your critical data to the cloud faster and safer. And if you use a cloud service provider like Microsoft Azure for archiving and disaster recovery, you can take advantage of the simplicity, security and redundancy of your chosen cloud platform.

QoreStor replication enables you to protect your servers, workstations and data by maintaining an up-to-date copy of them at a secondary location (local, remote or in the cloud), secured with AES-256-bit encryption. QoreStor with Azure replication allows you to manage the remote QoreStor environment as a service, sometimes referred to as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Azure storage replication alleviates the burden of purchasing and maintaining expensive on-site storage for archiving and disaster recovery, especially in the face of rapid data growth.

With cloud-based replication, you get:

  • Scalability. Cloud-based object storage is virtually unlimited in capacity with little or no additional overhead.
  • Flexible service-level agreements (SLAs). Cloud storage can be set up with different SLAs to meet different storage requirements.
  • Disaster recovery. Cloud-based replication enables you take advantage of the inherent high reliability and availability of cloud storage to meet higher business continuity standards without breaking your budget.

With cloud-based replication, you’ll ultimately worry less about your infrastructure and have time to focus more on your business while meeting your data protection and disaster recovery requirements.

Read our tech brief to for more in-depth details on how QoreStor replication works.

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