There’s so much beyond our control in our jobs. As DBAs, we’re at the mercy of our bosses, application developers, end users, growing demands and inefficient processes.

But what if we could gain more power?

What if we could pinpoint areas within our domain where we could exert more control? This would not only make us feel better, but it would also make things run better. I know because I did exactly that after reading The Essential DBA Playbook. It inspired me to take charge of my SQL Server environment in new ways. Ways that translated to improved database performance, easier workdays and less stress. How did it help? By offering a three-part guide packed with expert advice.

Start with an assessment

The free e-book shows us how to take inventory of our SQL Server environments. It provides guidance to help prioritize issues, identify the resources we need and strengthen security. It’s easy to get so caught up in fighting fires, we can’t see the forest for the trees. Taking a step back and analyzing the bigger picture helps to formulate a more proactive database management strategy.

Tackle the big issues

With tips on improving high availability and strengthening disaster recovery, the e-book helps DBAs get a handle on these critical and often stressful issues. It walks you through AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, database mirroring, log shipping and more. By the end of the backup and recovery section, I was armed with practical advice to fortify my data protection strategy, and I felt more confident and less worried once I made some simple changes.

Optimize SQL Server

The final part of the e-book offers tips to take your SQL Server environment and your career to the next level. It teaches us how to collaborate effectively, work proactively and use automation to improve database monitoring.

Thrive in the new database world.

Instead of stressing over the things we can’t change, this e-book reminds us there’s a lot we can improve. And the best part is, it offers easy-to-implement strategies that make a real difference. With so much change on the horizon for us DBAs, it helps to get best practices in place, so we’ll be ready for the next chapter in database administration.

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