Are you looking for a simpler, more effective way to carry out code quality reviews of all your Oracle PL/SQL code that takes subjectivity out of the equation and gives you the foundation for an automated way to review your code as part of a DevOps process? Then look no further. Code Analysis is a rules-based code quality feature of Toad that enables you to define those aspects of project code which must comply with specific standards. These rules can be consistently applied across ALL your code and rule violations displayed to developers so they can be fixed immediately. Watch this video to see how to define what rules to use and how to apply them to you project.

  • Hi John,

    This looks to be a good feature of TOAD. I have TOAD Professional Edition in my organisation.

    I've enabled this feature, but I'm unable to set the new rules. Can you please guide me on how to use or set XPath Expression? If there is any document available it will be great.



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