An Oracle GoldenGate vs SharePlex by Quest Comparison


SharePlex is a database replication software that enables you to replicate from Oracle and PostgreSQL databases to a variety of platforms. Easily achieve high availability, increase scalability, integrate data, and offload reporting with this flexible solution that supports multiple business use cases.


Simplicity vs. Complexity


  • Oracle’s data-integration solutions are complex and expensive
  • Not only GoldenGate but a dozen of other products would be required to make the system running
    • Example: Grid control / GoldenGate and Veridata for synchronization
  • GoldenGate supports a heterogeneous environment
  • Some customers report that Oracle GoldenGate (O/GG) is difficult to deploy and is not really automated
  • O/GG licenses are available only in the form of add-on packs which is an additional cost


  • SharePlex is a simple-to-install and easy-to-administer data replication solution at an affordable price
  • One piece of software with everything in it and no additional fees submodule
  • SharePlex provides comparatively less number of sources but with an accuracy of data movement and remains lightweight
  • SharePlex is not only easy to install and maintain, but it’s also really easy to learn and be an expert
  • Easy to use for new users, as it simplifies the process in the following areas:
    • Trial download
    • Installing the binary on source and targets
    • Running the setup configuration
    • Building a configuration file that defines the replication route (a simple config file)
    • Activating the configuration file and replication at start
  • SharePlex offers amazing support as well


Some of the latest SharePlex 11 key features include:

  • PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL active-active replication, with conflict resolution to ensure high availability, disaster recovery and horizontal scaling
  • Active-active replication between Oracle and PostgreSQL, with conflict resolution, to support complex Oracle migration use cases and ongoing interoperability requirements
  • Replication to Snowflake to create data pipelines into the Snowflake Data Cloud


Move your data – not your budget – with an affordable database replication solution.

Visit the SharePlex product page for more information:


Contributed by Muhammad Shahzad

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