Announcing Toad for Oracle 17.0 – Now Available on Mac!

Toad for Oracle, the world’s leading commercial database management tool, is now available on Mac! The comprehensive toolset offering a wide array of features and tools to simplify and enhance the database development and administration process continues to evolve to make itself accessible to even more users worldwide. Key features of this latest update include:

  • Availability on Mac
  • DB Health Scan
  • Support for Oracle 23c

What makes Toad for Oracle great for your organization?

As Toad for Oracle continues to be enhanced and improved, it continues to enable Quest customers to:

  • Utilize one comprehensive suite of tools to improve productivity levels with core functionalities including coding, debugging, testing, performance tuning and more!
  • Maximize performance levels of both beginners and experienced users with its simplified, user-friendly interface
  • Take advantage of powerful code development capabilities allowing efficient troubleshooting and adjustment within the code
  • Analyze execution plans, identify performance bottlenecks, optimize queries and manage indexes to make sure that your database is monitored and adjustments are made as necessary in your dynamic environment
  • Create and manage logical and physical data models
  • Take efficiency to the next level with automation, allowing users to schedule and execute necessary tasks when they are convenient to your business
  • Join millions of Toad users worldwide with extensive support and community support

New Features Highlights

Updated Feature

What it Does

Why it Matters

Availability on Mac

For the first time, run the #1 commercial database tool on your Mac.

• The usage of Macs and iOS continues to grow within                 organizations

• Provides flexibility to users

DB Health Scan

Performs a series of checks on your database against some of the most important areas where risks can arise with change – vulnerability, performance and configuration.

• More extensive data checks

• Scan summary results include check scores, status, history       and duration of scans

• Customization of scans and preferences can help prioritize         scans

• Historical scans are dynamic and can adjust as changes are       made to the database

• More seamless user experience with “tree view navigation”

Oracle 23c Support

Updated support for the latest release from Oracle

• Up-to-date levels of support for the latest enhancements           from Oracle

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