Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise users would like to share the instances that are being monitored by Spotlight to their bosses and other employees without installing the Spotlight client on their desktop.  The question is, how can this be done?  Does the Spotlight Cloud ( have this feature available?  Can multiple emails be used to access one Spotlight Cloud account?

Yes, multiple emails be used to access one Spotlight Cloud account.

Let's presume there are accounts A, B, C (if no, please sign up for an account at by clicking on the Sign in link on the top right hand corner). B and C want to access A’s data.

In this case we can do the following:

  1. Sign in with account A.
  2. Go to , create an organization.
  3. Invite someone, input B and C’s email.
  4. B and C click on the accept invitation link from their email.
  5. Click the accept invitation button after you open that link.
  6. Done. Now A, B and C are in the same organization and can login in from either the Spotlight app or from
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