This post contains spoilers for new version of LiteSpeed! Read under your entire responsibility. Don't tell me I did not warn you!

We know that with LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 we can backup to Azure, restore from Azure, backup to Amazon S3 and restore from Amazon S3.
That is good but, what if we need to backup to Amazon and to Azure at the same time? Or to disk and Azure at the same time? Or even to two local storage locations plus Amazon S3 plus Azure? hummmm For local storage we have mirroring but, what happens for the other scenarios? How can we do this in an easy way?

Yes! As you can imagine LiteSpeed 8.6 is the answer! With this new version backups can be stored to local drive / Azure Blob / Amazon S3 at the same time in any combination you can think of.  And remember that LiteSpeed is not using a local drive as cache for cloud platforms upload. LiteSpeed will always send the backups directly to these cloud platforms!
Exciting, isn't it? But that is not all! Some of the major features in LiteSpeed will support cloud now:

  • Mirroring backups to Cloud (implemented in the Backup Wizard and in the Maintenance Plans)
  • Mirroring backups in Backup Templates to Local and Cloud storage
  • Object Recovery Level (ORL) will read backups directly from Cloud
  • Log Reader will also read backups directly from Cloud

We have also implemented some Enhancement Requests that were directly requested by you. Check if any of them is the one you asked for!

  • Support new Azure large Blob Block type (up to 4.77GB)
  • Log Reader: load more objects from logs
  • Support stripped full backups in Log Reader
  • Support Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration Speed in Backup Wizards, Templates, and Maintenance Plans
  • Automated Restore - Add option "No Recovery"

This post is just so you are aware of the new cool features coming soon. As soon as the new version is available we will let you all know and we will go in deep into each new feature.

Thanks for reading!

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