It’s common for IT solutions to solve a challenge or two. What’s uncommon is the vast amount of database challenges you can solve with SharePlex®. This affordable data replication solution is a powerhouse of a tech tool, regarded as the secret to ensuring database high availability among Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations alike.

And now the secret is out

As Database Trends and Applications named SharePlex a trendsetting product for 2020. This distinction comes on the heels of SharePlex being named Best Data Replication Solution by DBTA readers in their annual Reader’ Choice Awards. So why is everyone raving about SharePlex – and how can it help you make 2020 your best year yet? Let’s get into it.

One data replication tool, multiple use cases

You name it; SharePlex can help with it. Virtually every major database issue you’re dealing with can be resolved with this trendsetting tool.

  • Need to perform a database upgrade or a database migration during business hours with no downtime or data loss?
  • Ready for a safe, smooth and simple cloud database migration?
  • Need to support growing demands placed on your databases by big data projects, reporting, online transaction processing and more?
  • Need an easier way to ensure data accuracy, relieve database contention, prevent bottlenecks and improve database performance?

Your database goals are easily achievable with SharePlex data replication. And the best part is, SharePlex costs a fraction of the price of other tools.

All-inclusive, affordable data replication software

When it comes to your data, sanity and IT budget, you won’t be at a loss with SharePlex. Unlike costly native data replication tools, SharePlex data replication doesn’t require any hidden fees, expensive add-ons or high-priced management packs. This data replication software includes built-in monitoring, conflict resolution, data comparison, synchronization and more, right out of the box. Only SharePlex provides all the functionality and increased scalability you need, without having to pay for Oracle Enterprise Edition, Oracle RAC or GoldenGate. But its cost and comprehensiveness aren’t the only benefits that make SharePlex unique.

Count on award-winning support, available to you 24x7x365

Who wouldn’t want a dream team of data replication software experts at their disposal, without having to bump up their internal headcount? The peace of mind you get with SharePlex support takes the stress out of migrations, upgrades and other critical database projects. The low price of SharePlex combined with its reliable support make it the must-have data replication solution in an era of growing data demands and shrinking IT budgets.

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