There are so many things you never want to hear in life:

  • “Sorry, this stall’s out of TP, too.”
  • “Whoops! We thought you were dead.”
  • “What do you mean, you ate that? Are you insane?!”

But few things are worse than the dreaded:

  • “Database down.”
  • “Your database is offline.”
  • “The database crashed.”

Stress level: Liam Neeson mid hostage negotiation

Anyone who’s not a DBA doesn’t know the panic, right? How could they? They haven’t experienced the stone-cold terror of hearing business has ground to a halt – and it may be your fault. $#^t, man! It’s the worst.

Worried about downtime? You’re not alone.

Downtime is actually the number one concern among DBAs. Why? It means serious pressure from management, end users, application developers, clients and, of course, yourself.

And that’s just the beginning.

A new DBA survey highlights the massive fallout from database downtime. DBAs noted downtime:

  • Causes their companies to lose money and productivity
  • Affects DBAs’ reputations, bonuses and pride
  • Means major work and stress until issues are resolved
  • Leads to lost sleep and time with family, basically reduced quality of life

Get all the facts.

Discover more ways your peers have been affected by database downtime, how many hours of downtime they deal with per year, which database platforms they’re managing and much more.

View Survey Results

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