I’ve been talking to you guys forever about how much I love database management tools from Quest®. How I rely on them to save time, cut down on stress and look like I’m working a heck of a lot harder than I really am. You know I pretty much swear they’ve changed my career and, by extension, my life. So I’m beyond psyched to see you guys are having the same incredible experiences with these toolsets as I am. How do I know?

DBTA just revealed the best database tools of 2018.

As chosen by their very own readers (AKA, the tech community at large). And guess what. Database management solutions from Quest swept the DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards! I’m not even kidding. Check this out. My personal favorite toolsets were named the best across a wide range of categories:

How cool is that?!

There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite things get props. And it only makes sense that these tools are becoming more and more popular. I mean, busting out high-quality code in record time with Toad? Yes, please! Proactively monitoring performance across all your database platforms with Foglight? Of course. Duh. Right? Moving data to your platform of choice with zero downtime via SharePlex? I’d be crazy not to.

Have you tried all three solutions yet?

If you don’t have all these solutions in your database management toolkit, you’ve got to see what you’re missing. Thankfully, Quest offers free, 30-day trials of Toad, Foglight and SharePlex. With these award winners at your fingertips, you’ll quickly look like the Best Database Pro of the Year.

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