If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to undertake a cloud migration while simultaneously upgrading Oracle versions without losing any transaction data or incurring downtime, Hotwire has proven it is. And, they want to tell you all about it.

On Monday, August 24 at 7:30 am Pacific/10:30 am Eastern, Hotwire will be presenting Business Continuity & Elimination of Risk, Migrating to Cloud while upgrading to 12c/19c.

As one of the busiest travel sites on the internet, Hotwire knew that any interruption in service or loss of transactions would be costly – and simply unacceptable. But they also wanted to migrate their reservation database to the AWS cloud, while still ensuring high availability for customers.

In this webcast, Hotwire will tell the story of how they used active/active database replication to support a hybrid (cloud and on-premises) application architecture that eliminated risk and impact to their customers as they made the leap to the cloud and upgraded their Oracle version.

You’ll hear how Hotwire used SharePlex® by Quest to solve three problems that could potentially occur with two active data centers during the migration:

  • Problem 1 -- With data centers on-premises and on AWS, it was possible that a customer could create the same transaction or update data in both systems.
  • Problem 2 – Creating a new software stack on AWS and moving customer traffic takes time – downtime – and could also cause performance issues if the stack isn’t right.
  • Problem 3 – The cloud environment must be able to seamlessly roll back to the original environment in case of problems, and that also involves switching traffic.

To get the full story of how Hotwire resolved these issues, be sure to attend the webcast.

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