LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 is available to download here! Some time ago I gave you some spoilers, so you might already have an idea about the great new features this version includes.

Now it's here, you can access all the information about this new release at our web: System Requirements, New Features, Resolved Issues, Enhancements and much more.

Did you know there is a Knowledge Base for LiteSpeed? There is a lot of information there and you can search by queries containing unique keywords, symptoms or details, filter results, view, rate, email and print articles. It is a good place to look for when searching for information. Give it try! We work every day to improve it.

Are you having any technical problem with LiteSpeed? Oooops! Well, nobody's perfect...sorry about that! Please go to our forum  or contact support and we will help you .Remember that the more information you provide about the problem, the better!

I hope you enjoy this new version and that it makes your day to day life work easier!

Have a great day!

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