Until now, if you needed peer-to-peer replication for PostgreSQL, your choices were very limited and a bit “edgy”.   

At Quest, we have over 25 years of experience providing low-latency, high-volume Oracle database replication to Fortune 500 companies for their mission-critical applications.  This award-winning technology is now available for PostgreSQL version 13 or later.

SharePlex for PostgreSQL

Using the same technology developed for Oracle replication, SharePlex brings full-featured replication to PostgreSQL.  SharePlex for PostgreSQL provides these features.

Heterogeneous Replication

Using SharePlex, you can move data between PostgreSQL databases, or to or from Oracle databases.   You can also send data from your PostgreSQL database to SQLServer or Snowflake databases, or to a Kafka or JMS message broker.

Fully Bidirectional 

SharePlex supports full bidirectional replication between PostgreSQL databases and between PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.  This enables use cases such as load balancing or phased migrations.

Conflict Resolution

For replication between two PostgreSQL databases or two Oracle databases, SharePlex also supports conflict resolution, either built-in host or timestamp priority or custom coded PL/pgSQL for PostgreSQL or PL/SQL for Oracle. 

Comprehensive Error Detection

Shareplex passes the before and after image of a row on an update, and if the before images don’t match will record an “out-of-sync” condition without interfering with ongoing replication. You can use the SharePlex logs or our built in Compare and Repair to correct the out-of-sync rows.

Built-in Compare and Repair

SharePlex for PostgreSQL also includes compare and repair functionality. This lets you find and correct any out-of-sync conditions that do arise.

SharePlex Architecture

Tried-and-true SharePlex processes allow you to take advantage of features such as:

  • Selective replication – you can replicate only certain rows or certain columns
  • Multiple sources or targets – SharePlex can replicate from one source to multiple targets or combine data from multiple sources into one target
  • Extreme scalability and reliability – the process and queue architecture of SharePlex can be scaled out or up to accommodate high-volume transactions.

SharePlex uses PostgreSQL logical replication, but the WAL records are released as soon as the SharePlex capture process writes the record to the capture queue. This helps prevent WAL files from growing without bounds.

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