The great thing about SharePlex is that it does so many cool things. Here’s a case in point., the world’s most-visited fitness website, tracks trends by using a hefty business intelligence (BI) program. Knowing what customers want and what they’re doing on the site has helped maintain its edge — but too many reports running daily began to slow the site down.

To keep the customer experience high, the company switched to using a daily static copy of its database for BI in a complicated procedure that caused its own performance problems. After enduring this home-grown solution for a year, turned to SharePlex.

First, however, the company did consider a few other solutions: GoldenGate was deemed too expensive, and Oracle Data Guard required Oracle Enterprise Edition — also too expensive. SharePlex stood out because it works with Oracle Standard Edition and has many other pluses compared with other solutions.

SharePlex provides a near real-time copy of’s production database, ensuring continuous, strong website performance and enabling advanced analytics. Some query times have been reduced from 20–30 minutes to a mere 4–5 seconds. has found plenty of other SharePlex capabilities to exploit, including its support of replication to MySQL and Hadoop. In addition, the company has been upgrading its production hardware and, during the process, has used SharePlex to help reduce the risks of database migration and nearly eliminate downtime. In fact, SharePlex is saving the company over a quarter of a million dollars in just one migration.

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